Benefits of Using Full Synthetic Motor Oil for Your Car


There are many types of motor oils on the market. Nowadays, the consumer is faced with an overwhelming number of choices when it comes to choosing motor oil for their cars. The varieties of options range from dozens of motor oil brands and different viscosity weights, to whether to opt for regular oil, a semi-synthetic blend or full synthetic oil.

A great number of people do not even think twice as to the type of oil they use in their cars. But is important to note that the type of oil you choose is significant in determining how the car performs for every operation.

The biggest factor of using synthetic oil vs regular oil is the provision of protection and ensuring better performance for the vehicle. Going with full synthetic motor oil will set your engine at ease, making it do its job efficiently between oil changes. Synthetic oil is refined, purified, distilled, and broken down into its basic molecules. The process helps in removing more impurities from the crude oil are allows the individual molecules in the oil to be customized to the demands of modern vehicle engines. The modified molecules provide higher performance and protection levels than those in regular oils.

Additionally, 0w-20 oil can pick up deposits as it circulates through the engine. Regular oils often form sludge over time, and this can reduce the efficiency of your engine, and reduce the engine’s life ultimately. Synthetic oils which contain fewer impurities can resist the formation of sludge and, therefore, prevent deposits from forming in your engine keeping it clean.

With regular oils, your car engine is not protected against the damage caused by contaminants that may build up and damage it. While many people tend to think that changing the oil and filter will help get rid of contaminants that form from using regular oil; this is not always the case. Sometimes sludge can build up and clog up isolated parts of the engine that get very hot including valves and oil passages.

Another benefit of using full synthetic blend oil change for your car is the fact that the viscosity of full synthetic motor oil lubricates and remains slick much longer at high temperatures compares to conventional oils. This, in turn, affects your gas mileage. Because full synthetic oils break down slowly those petrol-based oils, using it can help you extend the period between your oil changes.

Apart from being the best oil to use for your favorite car, full-synthetic motor oil has proven to be an economical choice of motor oil. Using it can reduce your dependency on oil and as a result, let you save significantly. For further details regarding motor oils, check out


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